Sheep Manure Fertilizer

"Sheep Manure Tea

100%% Pure All Natural and Organic
Sheep Manure
  Tea Fertilizer
                                                  Caldwell, Idaho

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Ewegrow on the left and regular water on the right.
Tomatoes planted on 5-25-13
Ewegrow on the left and regular water on the right
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is a100% pure all natural sheep manure tea fertilizer.  EwEgrow is made for you, the home gardener who wants a natural organic way to feed container, raised beds, window boxes and individually watered plants.
EwEgirls hand picks and packages  our sheep gems, to provide you with the best sheep manure fertilizer.  Sheep manure is an excellent natural source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (potash).

EwE-rEtain :: is 100% natural virgin wool is a great moisture carrier for unglazed pots and hanging baskets! The wool retains the moisture even on the hottest of days allowing more time between watering.

(1.97  -  0.99  -  0.55)
Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen  (N).......1.97
Soluble Phosphate  (P2O5) .............0.99
Soluble Potash (K2O)............0.55
Derived from: Sheep Manure

6 week old Pilea. Left side feed with EwEgrow sheep manure tea,  Right side with tap water.
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